Funky Crayons Name Only

Funky Crayons



Most people get the personalised set of 15 pieces as it's better value and you get both your name and whatever shapes you love.

However if you want just a name, this is now also available at just €1.25 per letter


Just select how many letters are in the name and then let us know the spelling in the "Notes" section when you check out. 
Irish names with á, é, í, ó, ú are no problem, likewise with French names etc. 
Each crayon letter is handmade, non-toxic and approx 2" long. 
If you require specific colours please let us know. We can accommodate most requests. 

These are also great for spelling out a school, creche or pre-school's name or company name.

Of course we can also do custom orders for company logos as well as spelling out the name. 


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