Wickids are on Kickstarter but how does it work?

I know lots of you are hearing about crowdfunding and Kickstarter for the first time and are confused and maybe nervous of taking part in the ‪#‎wickids‬ campaign.
Maybe you've seen the product, watched the video and don't know what to do next.

If not, here they are! Awesome right?



#WICKIDS -The Funky Crayon Candles

They are now a live project on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website. To own some of the first Wickids ever produced, you need to back it on Kickstarter.


So what happens when you "back it on kickstarter"?

If you want to support me and my project, you can pledge money to "back the idea" and help me to get it moving forward. This means you select an amount from €2 upwards that you are willing to give to help give this project a kickstart. Every business needs to raise money in the early years. Some people borrow heavily and some people give away some of their company to an investor.
The alternative to these routes is called crowdfunding. Imagine if the customers were the ones to fund the business!

To do this you follow the steps underneath the video in this link

**Your card is not charged at this time!**

Why was no money taken when I made my pledge?

The campaign keeps running until 20th of August and my target to reach in pledges is €12,000

If the €12,000 target is reached in pledges by that date, your card is charged safely and securely with only the amount that you pledged. After a week or two the money is transferred from Kickstarter to my company and with that I get started on making and shipping your rewards!

Wait what's a reward??

When you pledge your money, you also select what reward you'd like to receive in return. You could be the proud owner of some of the first WICKIDS ever produced!


What happens if the campaign does not reach its target?

Well if the campaign does not have €12,000 in pledges by 20th August, no one's card is charged, no money changes hands and Funky Crayons and WICKIDS go back to being stuck in a tiny kitchen stuck for space and funding to move out and grow.
It is only with YOUR HELP that I will reach that target and not allow this to happen!

So if you back it on Kickstarter, you are becoming part of a community of people who believe in helping small businesses to create something great. Even a tiny amount of money can help when it all adds up. Your money is at no risk as you will either get a great reward in return for your money OR you won't get charged at all. It's a safer bet than at the races or a football match! You can see how far along we are here




Worried about giving your card details to Kickstarter?

Kickstarter uses very secure payment processors so don't worry, your credit/debit card details are all totally safe.

This is crowdfunding.

You are the crowd; my family, friends, neighbours, customers, suppliers, stockists and then THEIR friends and THEIR friends and so on. With your help to share this and your generous help to fund this, I know we can do it together!

It is a great alternative method of raising a bit of finance for small business. The banks don't want to know about lending me the money. I am self-employed and not drawing an income from my business yet, I spent the previous 4 years on social welfare as a full-time carer for my aunt. We have a nasty mortgage taken out just before the bubble burst and we have one income and 3 children.
And we're doing fine. Because the important things to us are our health and happiness.

But to a bank I am just not worthy of a loan. You all get that right?

But to you good people, I know you believe in what I am building here. It may be a tiny family business now, but it has the potential to grow and employ people in the future and be built on solid foundations, not unsustainable debts, ripping people off and exploitation. Remember when businesses were built like that?

I believe in hard work and honest work and growing my company and my brand organically. What better way to do that than with all of you coming along for the ride?

To those of you who have helped in any way so far, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to those who have been nervous or unsure of what this is all about, I hope I've eased your fears above. If you want to ask any more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!!

You can message me on Facebook
E-mail funkycrayonsireland@gmail.com
Tweet me @funkycrayonlady

And you know lots of others just like you had these questions too, so please share this post with everyone!

Michelle x

To back #wickids on Kickstarter click here!


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